AA Visiting Schools 2014


April 2014

AA Athens Visiting School


Technology and architecture are coupled for the third year in Athens with a novel agenda of transforming an enclosed area and creating internal contrasting city‐life characteristics that transcend the local conditions. In collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens, Cipher City: Revolutions explores participatory design and active engagement modeling and continues building novel prototypes upon horizontal planes. The toolset includes mainly ‐among others‐ Rhino Grasshopper, Processing and Arduino platforms. For more information


Programme Director: Alexandros Kallegias


Host School Coordinator: Dimitris Papalexopoulos


Tutors: Daghan Cam, Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, George Parmenidis, Charalampos Doukas, Anna Laskari, Eirini Vouliouri, Myrto Maria Barbaris, Maria Brewster







August 2014

AA DLAB London


Summer DLAB experiments with the integration of algorithmic / generative design methodologies and large scale digital fabrication tools. Continuing its color based agenda, Summer DLAB immerses in ‘white’ for its 2014 cycle, as a starting point to investigate natural formation processes and interpret them as innovative architectonic spaces. ‘White’ becomes the means of looking into extreme natural conditions which it is associated with. Concepts of emergence, differentiation, and complexity shape the theoretical framework of this investigation. Natural structures of differing scales are observed, which are then abstracted and interpreted into elaborated design proposals. The computational process of Summer DLAB is based on generative design algorithms, as can be seen in natural growth patterns such as the Lindenmayer system and fractal theory. These concepts are carefully interwoven with interaction and participatory design in order to create full-scale working prototypes.


In this cycle of DLAB, novel fabrication methods such as earth scaffolding, flexible formwork and concrete materiality are tested on a 1:1 scale prototype at Hooke Park.


For more information


Programme Director: Alexandros Kallegias


Tutors: Dağhan Çam, Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Angel Fernando Lara Moreira, Suzan Ucmaklioglu