AA Visiting Schools 2013


April 2013

AA Istanbul Visiting School


In its third year, the AA Istanbul Visiting School, Vertical Interventions, in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University, will continue to rediscover verticality through novel generative design techniques and large-scale physical prototypes. Abstracted as a fusion of various sub-systems, each subsystem of the tower will be investigated in relation to their various performance criteria. The correlations between the separate sets of performance criteria and evaluation methods will be analyzed, leading to the generation of unified design alternatives for a vertical system typology. In addition to the custom-made digital design and evaluation tools supporting the core methodology, Vertical Interventions will also highlight the fabrication and assembly of a large scale working prototype integrating the performative characteristics of each system in examination. For more information


Programme Director: Elif Erdine


Host School Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Belkıs Uluoğlu


Tutors: Dağhan Çam, Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Müge Belek, Frederico Fialho Teixeira, Ahu Sökmenoğlu, Sema Alaçam





April 2013

AA Athens Visiting School


Following the initial challenge of amplifying connectivity, adjustability and interaction for its Correlations cycle, AA Athens Visiting School scales up its design intentions in order to investigate links among discrete individual architectural systems in its 2013 version, Recharged.

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Programme Director: Alexandros Kallegias


Host School Coordinator: Dimitris Papalexopoulos


Tutors: Dağhan Çam, Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, George Parmenidis, Enrique Ramos, Anna Laskari, Tassos Kanellos, Katerina Konstantopoulos