AA Visiting Schools 2011


April 2011

AA Istanbul Visiting School


The AA Istanbul Visiting School will explore tall structures through vertical growth algorithms by focusing on local crafts. The main aim of the AA Istanbul Global School is to revisit the basic form of creativity in crafts, and to investigate on the potential of re-linking crafts processes to contemporary digital design thinking/ production within the context of tall structures. For more information istanbul.aaschool.ac.uk


Programme Director: Elif Erdine


Host School Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Belkıs Uluoğlu


Tutors: Dağhan Çam, Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Francisca Aroso, Diego Perez Espitia, Immanuel Koh,

Müge Belek, Frederico Fialho Teixeira, Ahu Sökmenoğlu